“Advanced Course on the implementation of Common Reporting Standard in Mauritius”

Juristconsult Chambers, sponsored by Lex Communications, conducted a full day Tax workshop on the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) entitled “Advanced Course on the implementation of CRS in Mauritius” on 10 November 2016 at BPML Conference Hall, Ebène.

CRS for automatic exchange of information in tax matters hails the beginning of a new era in information exchange between countries in relation to tax. The main aim of the far-reaching legislation is to tackle tax evasion and non-compliance by individuals who hide their assets offshore.

Johanne Hague and Arvin Halkhoree, two experienced lawyers and qualified trainers in these matters, conducted the workshop to give participants the working knowledge on entity classification so that they may assist their clients effectively and knowledge of various kinds of complex structures and the impact of FATCA/CRS on such structures.

The workshop content included:

  • Introduction to framework of CRS and who it affects
  • CRS in the Mauritius context: addressing Mauritius specificities
  • Due diligence requirements and on-boarding procedures
  • Reporting obligations
  • Entity classification
  • Management companies and their CRS obligations
  • Trusts and foundations under CRS
  • The implications of CRS on Mauritians (residents and non-residents)
  • Exceptions and exemptions

Senior management and officials from the banking and other financial services industry attended the seminar.

Note: Johanne Hague and Arvin Halkhoree are MQA approved trainers and offer in-house bespoke trainings on tax-related matters, specifically as regards CRS and FATCA.

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