13th August 2013 – Mauritius ranks 8th worldwide and 1st in the Sub-Saharan Region on the 2013 Index of Economic Freedom.

Mauritius’s economic freedom score is 76.9, making its economy the 8th freest in the 2013 Index. Its overall score is essentially the same as last year, with improvements in property rights and labor freedom counterbalanced by declines in freedom from corruption and monetary freedom. Mauritius is ranked 1st out of 46 countries in the Sub-Saharan African region.Maintaining its status as one of the world’s 10 freest economies, Mauritius continues to be a global leader in economic freedom. All the pillars of economic freedom are solidly maintained.

The small island economy benefits greatly from a sound and transparent legal framework that strongly upholds the rule of law. Budgetary reforms remain largely on course, keeping public debt and budget deficits under control despite expansionary fiscal policy since 2008.With a stable business climate, Mauritius sustains a dynamic entrepreneurial environment. Barriers to free trade are low, and commercial operations are aided by efficient regulations that support open-market policies. Inflationary pressures are under control, and foreign investment is welcome.

Web Source: http://www.heritage.org/index/country/mauritius