17th February 2014 – 11th Regional Meeting of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly

The Government of Mauritius has recently hosted the 11th Regional Meeting of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly. This Joint Parliamentary Assembly has been created out of a common desire to bring together the elected representatives of the European Community and the elected representatives of the African, Caribbean and Pacific States. Such meetings bear testimony to the important role of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in promoting democratic processes, and in fostering greater understanding between the EU and the ACP states, based on the fundamental principles of equality, participation and dialogue. The Assembly regularly forms exploratory or fact-finding missions, following which proposals are made & consequently implemented within the Member States. Mauritius is a signatory of the Cotonou Agreement which is one of the most comprehensive partnership agreements between developing countries and the EU. The agreement is based on the three complementary pillars of development cooperation, economic and trade cooperation, and the political dimension. During this 11th Regional meeting, there have been several key-note speakers, including the President of the Republic of Mauritius, Members of the Mauritian Judiciary and Heads of Regional Organisations. Marc Hein, Head of Practice of Juristconsult Chambers & Chairman of the Financial Services Commission, was called to address the floor on “The Services Industry and its contribution to development.” He explained the essential role now played by the services industry in the economy of the island as services now account for about 70% of the Gross Domestic product . He went on to talk more specifically about the development of financial and corporate services in Mauritius.