CSR donation to l’étoile du Berger, T1Diams and Chrysalide.

Juristconsult Chambers remitted Rs 300,000 to the non-governmental organisations (NGOs) l’étoile du Berger, Chrysalide and T1Diams. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) cheque-giving ceremony was held in the new premises of the law firm in NeXTeracom, Ebène. The guest of honour at this ceremony was the Honourable Aurore Perraud, Minister of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare.

According to Honourable Perraud «The CSR is a blessing as it contributes to the social funds we all need. The funding supports the dedicated work of the NGOs and this is a struggle we are all concerned with.” Further, Minister Perraud mentioned the Ministry’s project of putting in place “a wall of values” where everyone can share their values with other people.

L’étoile du Berger

Specialising in residential care of children referred by the Child Development Unit, l’étoile du Berger is an association whose objective is to assist in the rehabilitation of children from vulnerable groups in the long term. For Gilbert Lebreux, President of the association, «this funding comes at a time when there are uncertainties about CSR, which may lead to difficulties in obtaining funding in the future. L’étoile du Berger’s purpose is to help people in distress, mainly teenagers and children without any discrimination, and we are grateful to Juristconsult for helping us continue in our chosen path. »

Chrysalide and TiDiams
The two other NGOs that have also benefited from Juristconsult Chambers’ support are T1Diams and Chrysalide. Chrysalide works towards the rehabilitation of women addicts while T1Diams provides support to young people with Type 1 diabetes.

Marlène Ladine, director of Chrysalide thanked firms such as Juristconsult which continue to fund them, « CSR funding is essential in our mission to help dependent women who have a hard time quitting this destructive lifestyle. » Chrysalide also wants to extend its services to women who face domestic, sexual and psychological violence.

Bianca Labonté, who welcomed the funding with gratitude, is pleased that NGOs still find favour with organisations, “this CSR donation will be used to continue our work with young people who have Type 1 diabetes»

Marc Hein SC, G.O.S.K thanked the beneficiaries for their field work and emphasised the importance of providing NGOs with a publicity platform so that they can generate more attention and subsequently more donations. Nicolas Richard, Managing Partner of Juristconsult, was delighted that the first event held in the new premises of the law firm in Ebène is for a cause as worthwhile as that of the CSR. He highlighted the need to further structure the civic responsibility of the law firm, mentioning that Juristconsult will be involved in the activities of NGOs, saying “we wish to contribute in non-financial ways to the activities of NGOs that we support.

The members of Juristconsult Chambers were present at the event.

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