Juristconsult Chambers: Cheque remittance to NGOs.

Juristconsult Chambers donated a total sum of Rs130,000 to the NGOs La Crysalide, T1 Diams, Etoile du Berger, Lizie dan la main and First Act Is To Help (FAITH). The ceremony was held on 15 November 2017 at Juristconsult offices situated at NexTeracom, Tower II, Ebene.

From left to right: Marlène Ladine (La Crysalide), Bruno Cerdor (Etoile du Berger), Shalinee Dreepaul-Halkhoree & Marc Hein (Juristconsult Chambers), Georges Brelu-Brelu (FAITH), Bianca Labonté (Ti Diams), Sushila Gunputh (Lizie dan la main), Daniella Hector (FAITH).
NGO Representatives with Juristconsult Team.

L’étoile du Berger

L’étoile du Berger is an association with 3 centres caring for 24 children, whose objective is to assist in the rehabilitation of children from vulnerable groups, in the long term. For Bruno Cerdor, «having continuous support from organisations like Juristconsult chambers truly helps their association».

La Chrysalide

La Crysalide, founded in 2002, is a rehabilitation centre dedicated to women, to help them to regain their social autonomy in dignity. For Marlène Ladine “We are now facing more and more youngsters going towards prostitution and drugs and the organisation is trying to re-invent itself in finding ways to adapt towards the youngsters lifestyle to make them willing to stay at the Centre for a brighter future.”

Ti Diams

T1 Diams is mainly focussed on children with Type 1 diabetes and has supported more than 1,100 direct beneficiaries. Bianca Labonté, “for Ti Diams, it is a continuous fight for the young people who have Type 1 diabetes, where children do have medical assistance at the school and where visit to doctors are made during school days»

Lizie Dan La Main

A long established organization fighting for the welfare and care of visually handicapped in Mauritius. With over 35 years of existence, Lizie Dan La Main has his own ‘Academy of Blind’ where Sushila Gunputh is very thankful for the support that is being provided to them.


FAITH helps to alleviate poverty especially in the northern region of Pointe-aux-Sables, Grande-Riviere and Cité-Vallijee. The organisation helps to rehabilitate people with the help of the National Empowerment Foundation. Georges Brelu-Brelu, “Our organisation has helped many people, leaving in conditions where they did not even have a flooring, and it is our mission to be able to provide them with at least the basic amenities.”

Juristconsult team has congratulated these NGOs for their very commendable actions for the benefit of the society and have wished them a fruitful journey in their fight towards a better future.

The ceremony was attended by the staff of Juristconsult Chambers and all the representatives welcomed the funding with gratitude.