25th May 2018

Data Protection: Data Protection Act 2017 v/s GDPR.

27th March 2018

A brief history of business laws in Mauritius since 1968’ by Marc Hein SC,GOSK Chairman – Published in Business Year Book, a special edition of Business Magazine.

20th February 2018

Will smart contracts change legal practices? By Hans Hector, Professional Support Lawyer and Legal Executive.

06th December 2017

Data protection: new challenges ahead – by Shalinee Dreepaul Halkhooree, Senior Associate-Barrister

1st December 2017

FinTech – A “Disruptive” Innovation – by Khemila Narraidoo, Associate-Barrister

13th October 2017

Working in a foreign jurisdiction under a Mauritian law governed contract of employment, by Burty Francois, Senior Associate Barrister.

29th September 2017

Published in BizWeek: : “Where does FinTech sit within the Mauritian legal framework?” by Marc Hein, Chairman

13th July 2017

Infractions boursières : le délit d’initié – Article publié dans le Business Magazine: Par Nicolas Richard, Managing Partner

06th June 2017

The Business Facilitation (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2017 is the latest governmental initiative to improve the Mauritian Business Climate with a view to reducing the bureaucracy and progressively shifting to a digital economy, thus creating opportunities for the benefit of all, both at local and international levels. – By Annabelle Ribet, Legal Executive & Nicolas Richard, Managing Partner.

18th May 2017

Tax advisers wary of new OECD rules (Published in L’Express Newspaper) – By Marc Hein, Chairman.

25th April 2017

Investors’ Magazine Interview with regard to the Code of Corporate Governance – By Annabelle Ribet – Legal Executive

11th April 2017

Limited liability partnerships in Mauritius – By Juristconsult Chambers

14th March 2017

Acquisition of Property by Foreigners in Mauritius – New Developments to open the economy – By Ashwin Mudhoo – Senior Legal Executive

20th February 2017

20th February 2017 – Country Focus: Mauritius (Finance) – Fending off charges that the country is a tax haven, the government of Mauritius is looking for ways to improve governance, attract investors and diversify sources of revenue as the days of the country’s billion-dollar ties to India come to an end… View Article – PDF – Contributed by Annabelle Ribet – Legal Executive

27th January 2017

CHAMBERS LIFE SCIENCES 2017 – MAURITIUS – By Burty François – Senior Associate & Ashwin Mudhoo – Senior Legal Executive

16th January 2017

Can a motor vehicle insurer avoid liability towards third parties in respect of material damages? – By Arvin Halkhoree, Associate Barrister

09th January 2017

“Le « Common Reporting Standard » : le compte à rebours a commencé…” – (French Article) – By Johanne Hague – Partner

14th December 2016

La maîtrise des fusions-acquisitions s’apprend sur le tas et lors de formations, pas sur les bancs des universités » (French interview) – By Shalinee Dreepaul Halkhoree, Senior Associate – Barrister

1st December 2016

Update on Property Development in Mauritius – By Khemila Narraidoo, Associate – Barrister and Marc Hein, Chairperson

25th November 2016

Global Legal Advisory Service Licence – Are we ready for it! – By Khemila Narraidoo, Associate – Barrister

31th August 2016

La clause arbitrale en droit du travail – By Burty Francois, Senior Associate Barrister

28th July 2016

The New Code of Corporate Governance – By Annabelle Ribet, Legal Executive

07th July 2016

BREXIT: Potential Legal Implications for Mauritius – By Marc Hein, Chairperson

07th July 2016

The Mauritius International Financial Centre: A platform to Africa – By Marc Hein, Chairman

07th July 2016

Mauritius Captive Industry – By Marc Hein, Chairman

07th July 2016

Arbitration & Mauritius – By Marc Hein, Chairman

07th July 2016

The National Wage Consultative Council Act: A National Minimum Wage or a National Living Wage? – By Juristconsult Chambers

15th June 2016

Build Operate Transfer Projects Act – By Juristconsult Chambers

18th March 2016

Juristconsult Newsletter March 2016

29th February 2016

Common Reporting Standard Juristconsult Webcast – By Johanne Hague

29th February 2016

State Sovereignty in Civil and Commerical Litigation – By Ashwin Mudhoo – Senior Legal Executive

26th February 2016

L’Hypocrisie de l’OCDE – By Marc Hein – Chairperson

29th January 2016

29th January 2016 – ICCA MAURITIUS 2016 PRE-CONGRESS ROADSHOW 20 JANUARY 2016 – By Khemila Narraidoo – Barrister-at-law

18th January 2016

Captive Insurance: New Legislation in Mauritius – By Marc Hein

15th January 2016

Unfair competition against a former employer forbidden – By Juristconsult Chambers

28th October 2015

Traités de non-double imposition: Pourquoi pas la France? – By Priscilla Pattoo

09th October 2015


25th September 2015

SMART CITIES – A LEGAL ANALYSIS – By Marc Hein and Nicolas Richard

26th August 2015

Business Mag – Triple Play – Its effects on existing legal and regulatory frameworks – By Juristconsult Chambers

1st August 2015

E-mails : Accès libre à l’employeur ? – By Burty François

4th June 2015

An update on the Mauritius International Financial Centre – By Marc Hein

04st June 2015

Commercial Law Update – Cascadelle Distribution et Cie Ltée v. Nestlé Products (Mauritius) Ltd 2015 SCJ 120 – By Juristconsult Chambers

06th May 2015

Mauritius reinforces its position as the hub for investment in Africa – By Nicolas Richard

06th May 2015

Madagascar: Government issues the first oil exploitation licence – By Juristconsult Chambers

15th April 2015

Legal Alert – Employees must expressly consent to the use of their fingerprints data to record their attendance.. – By Juristconsult Chambers

2nd April 2015

DIRECTORS, BEWARE!! – By Ashwin Mudhoo

2nd April 2015

Mauritius Budget 2015/2016 snapshot – By Juristconsult Chambers

2nd April 2015

Key Issues in Negotiating a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – By Arvin Halkhoree

30th January 2015

Automatic Exchange of Information in Tax Matters: Towards a New World Order – By Johanne Hague – Partner

04th December 2014

Legal Alert – Additional Substance Requirements for GBC1 companies as from 1 January 2015 – By Arvin Halkhoree

20th October 2014

Madagascar: challenges and potential of foreign investment (French article) – Par Juristconsult Chambers

10th October 2014

Financial Law Alert – The Expanding Mauritian International Financial Centre – By Marc Hein – Head of Practice

6th October 2014

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) issues guidelines to Law Practitioners – By Arvin Halkhoree

1st July 2014

Le Crédit bail – By Nicolas Richard

18th June 2014

World Cup Brazil 2014: Trade Mark Enforcement – By Juristconsult Chambers

12th June 2014

Juristconsult Chambers Brochure

5th June 2014

Disability discrimination – does s.23(2) of the Equal Opportunities Act provide an adequate statutory defence to building occupiers? – By Juristconsult Chambers

30th May 2014

Bicentenaire du Traite de Paris – By Marc Hein & Burty Francois.

22nd May 2014

The Future of Secured Cross-Border Financing brought into question by Supreme Court Judgment – By Ashwin Mudhoo

9th April 2014

Mauritius passes the Copyright Act 2014 on 2 April 2014 – By Juristconsult Chambers

20th March 2014

Arbitration in Mauritius – Increasing the substance? – By Nicolas Richard & Khemila Narraidoo.

6th March 2014

The Accrued Possibility for Global Business Companies to Conduct Business in Mauritius – By Ashwin Mudhoo

4th March 2014

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (‘FATCA’): The Big Bad Wolf- Mauritius Becomes FATCA Compliant – By Juristconsult Chambers

24th February 2014

The Private Pension Schemes Act and Its Rationale – By Shalinee Dreepaul-Halkhoree.

24th January 2014

International Arbitration – By Marc Hein

24th January 2014

Mauritius Business Law Review – International Arbitration, Volume 5.

4th July 2013

Challenging the procurement proceedings before the Independent Revenue Panel – By Juristconsult Chambers

A Basic Introduction to ‘What is Intellectual Property and why protect it?’ – By Juristconsult Chambers

MBLR Vol 3 – 2011

Enforcement of foreign judgments as well as foreign and international arbitral awards in Mauritius – By Shalinee Dreepaul Halkhoree, Senior Associate – Barrister