5th December 2019

Interview de Nicolas Richard, Managing Partner de Juristconsult Chambers, relative à la nouvelle loi sur la copropriété – Paru dans le supplément Immobilier de Business Magazine Nov – Dec 2019.

30th September 2019

Comparaison des droits des procédures collectives français et mauricien – Article par Khemila Narraidoo, Collaboratrice Principal chez Juristconsult Chambers et Numa Rengot, Associé chez Aston Societé d’Avocats.

22th August 2019

Mauritius Leaks : Perceptions, Réalités, Inde et Afrique – une vision différente – Par Marc Hein SC, G.O.S.K (Article paru dan le journal Le Mauricien)

17th July 2019

Data Protection Laws of the World – Mauritius

26th June 2019

Taxation of Investment Funds in Mauritius – by Johanne Hague, Senior Partner & Head of Tax at Juristconsult Chambers & Leena Doman-Brette, Head of Licensing at Financial Services Commission, Mauritius, published in ‘Cahier de Droit Fiscal International 2019’

9th June 2019

Arbitration and Mauritius: An old and active tradition – By Marc Hein SC, G.O.S.K, published in Week-End newspaper on 9 June 2019

27th May 2019

Striving for secure status: The state of data privacy laws in Mauritius’ by Shalinee Dreepaul-Halkhoree, Partner at Juristconsult Chambers featured in Issue 9 of Global Finance Mauritius magazine on Page 72.

14th March 2019

Why are we hearing so much about Artificial Intelligence and nothing about Artificial Intelligence laws? – By Hans Hector, Professional Support Lawyer & Legal Executive (Published in Business Magazine 1377)

29th November 2018

Data Protection: Consent as the legal basis for processing – By Shalinee Dreepaul-Halkhoree, Partner – Article published in The New Bar Chronicle (Issue No. 6).

05th November 2018

The need to revamp the Securities (Takeover) Rules 2010 – By Nicolas Richard, Managing Partner & Bhavish Sewraz, Associate-Barrister (Published in Business Magazine)

26th October 2018

Océan Indien, exploration minière et géopolitique – Par Marc Hein SC, GOSK – Article publié dans L’Express

03rd September 2018

Data Protection Conference 2018 – Maurice sous le coup de l’UE sur la protection des données – Par Lindsay Prosper de l’Express

24th August 2018

Compliance is challenging because people don’t realise that what they have always been doing is wrong – By Shalinee Dreepaul Halkhoree, Partner.

18th July 2018

Qu’en est-il des droits des contribuables? Article publié dans L’Express : Par Johanne Hague

06th July 2018

Un décollage raté pour le droit aérien – Article publié dans le Business Magazine: Par Arvin Halkhoree

25th May 2018

Data Protection: Data Protection Act 2017 v/s GDPR.

27th March 2018

A brief history of business laws in Mauritius since 1968’ by Marc Hein SC,GOSK Chairman – Published in Business Year Book, a special edition of Business Magazine.

20th February 2018

Will smart contracts change legal practices? Article published in Bizweek, by Hans Hector, Professional Support Lawyer and Legal Executive.

06th December 2017

Data protection: new challenges ahead – by Shalinee Dreepaul Halkhooree, Senior Associate-Barrister

1st December 2017

FinTech – A “Disruptive” Innovation – by Khemila Narraidoo, Associate-Barrister

13th October 2017

Working in a foreign jurisdiction under a Mauritian law governed contract of employment, by Burty Francois, Senior Associate Barrister.

29th September 2017

Published in BizWeek: : “Where does FinTech sit within the Mauritian legal framework?” by Marc Hein, Chairman

13th July 2017

Infractions boursières : le délit d’initié – Article publié dans le Business Magazine: Par Nicolas Richard, Managing Partner

06th June 2017

The Business Facilitation (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2017 is the latest governmental initiative to improve the Mauritian Business Climate with a view to reducing the bureaucracy and progressively shifting to a digital economy, thus creating opportunities for the benefit of all, both at local and international levels. – By Annabelle Ribet, Legal Executive & Nicolas Richard, Managing Partner.

18th May 2017

Tax advisers wary of new OECD rules (Published in L’Express Newspaper) – By Marc Hein, Chairman.

25th April 2017

Investors’ Magazine Interview with regard to the Code of Corporate Governance – By Annabelle Ribet – Legal Executive

11th April 2017

Limited liability partnerships in Mauritius – By Juristconsult Chambers

14th March 2017

Acquisition of Property by Foreigners in Mauritius – New Developments to open the economy – By Ashwin Mudhoo – Senior Legal Executive

20th February 2017

20th February 2017 – Country Focus: Mauritius (Finance) – Fending off charges that the country is a tax haven, the government of Mauritius is looking for ways to improve governance, attract investors and diversify sources of revenue as the days of the country’s billion-dollar ties to India come to an end… View Article – PDF – Contributed by Annabelle Ribet – Legal Executive

27th January 2017

CHAMBERS LIFE SCIENCES 2017 – MAURITIUS – By Burty François – Senior Associate & Ashwin Mudhoo – Senior Legal Executive

16th January 2017

Can a motor vehicle insurer avoid liability towards third parties in respect of material damages? – By Arvin Halkhoree, Associate Barrister

09th January 2017

“Le « Common Reporting Standard » : le compte à rebours a commencé…” – (French Article) – By Johanne Hague – Partner

14th December 2016

La maîtrise des fusions-acquisitions s’apprend sur le tas et lors de formations, pas sur les bancs des universités » (French interview) – By Shalinee Dreepaul Halkhoree, Senior Associate – Barrister

1st December 2016

Update on Property Development in Mauritius – By Khemila Narraidoo, Associate – Barrister and Marc Hein, Chairperson

25th November 2016

Global Legal Advisory Service Licence – Are we ready for it! – By Khemila Narraidoo, Associate – Barrister

31th August 2016

La clause arbitrale en droit du travail – By Burty Francois, Senior Associate Barrister

28th July 2016

The New Code of Corporate Governance – By Annabelle Ribet, Legal Executive

07th July 2016

BREXIT: Potential Legal Implications for Mauritius – By Marc Hein, Chairperson

07th July 2016

The Mauritius International Financial Centre: A platform to Africa – By Marc Hein, Chairman

07th July 2016

Mauritius Captive Industry – By Marc Hein, Chairman

07th July 2016

Arbitration & Mauritius – By Marc Hein, Chairman

07th July 2016

The National Wage Consultative Council Act: A National Minimum Wage or a National Living Wage? – By Juristconsult Chambers

15th June 2016

Build Operate Transfer Projects Act – By Juristconsult Chambers

18th March 2016

Juristconsult Newsletter March 2016

29th February 2016

Common Reporting Standard Juristconsult Webcast – By Johanne Hague

29th February 2016

State Sovereignty in Civil and Commerical Litigation – By Ashwin Mudhoo – Senior Legal Executive

26th February 2016

L’Hypocrisie de l’OCDE – By Marc Hein – Chairperson

29th January 2016

29th January 2016 – ICCA MAURITIUS 2016 PRE-CONGRESS ROADSHOW 20 JANUARY 2016 – By Khemila Narraidoo – Barrister-at-law

18th January 2016

Captive Insurance: New Legislation in Mauritius – By Marc Hein

15th January 2016

Unfair competition against a former employer forbidden – By Juristconsult Chambers

28th October 2015

Traités de non-double imposition: Pourquoi pas la France? – By Priscilla Pattoo

09th October 2015


25th September 2015

SMART CITIES – A LEGAL ANALYSIS – By Marc Hein and Nicolas Richard

26th August 2015

Business Mag – Triple Play – Its effects on existing legal and regulatory frameworks – By Juristconsult Chambers

1st August 2015

E-mails : Accès libre à l’employeur ? – By Burty François

4th June 2015

An update on the Mauritius International Financial Centre – By Marc Hein

04st June 2015

Commercial Law Update – Cascadelle Distribution et Cie Ltée v. Nestlé Products (Mauritius) Ltd 2015 SCJ 120 – By Juristconsult Chambers

06th May 2015

Mauritius reinforces its position as the hub for investment in Africa – By Nicolas Richard

06th May 2015

Madagascar: Government issues the first oil exploitation licence – By Juristconsult Chambers

15th April 2015

Legal Alert – Employees must expressly consent to the use of their fingerprints data to record their attendance.. – By Juristconsult Chambers

2nd April 2015

DIRECTORS, BEWARE!! – By Ashwin Mudhoo

2nd April 2015

Mauritius Budget 2015/2016 snapshot – By Juristconsult Chambers

2nd April 2015

Key Issues in Negotiating a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – By Arvin Halkhoree

30th January 2015

Automatic Exchange of Information in Tax Matters: Towards a New World Order – By Johanne Hague – Partner

04th December 2014

Legal Alert – Additional Substance Requirements for GBC1 companies as from 1 January 2015 – By Arvin Halkhoree

20th October 2014

Madagascar: challenges and potential of foreign investment (French article) – Par Juristconsult Chambers

10th October 2014

Financial Law Alert – The Expanding Mauritian International Financial Centre – By Marc Hein – Head of Practice

6th October 2014

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) issues guidelines to Law Practitioners – By Arvin Halkhoree

1st July 2014

Le Crédit bail – By Nicolas Richard

18th June 2014

World Cup Brazil 2014: Trade Mark Enforcement – By Juristconsult Chambers

12th June 2014

Juristconsult Chambers Brochure

5th June 2014

Disability discrimination – does s.23(2) of the Equal Opportunities Act provide an adequate statutory defence to building occupiers? – By Juristconsult Chambers

30th May 2014

Bicentenaire du Traite de Paris – By Marc Hein & Burty Francois.

22nd May 2014

The Future of Secured Cross-Border Financing brought into question by Supreme Court Judgment – By Ashwin Mudhoo

9th April 2014

Mauritius passes the Copyright Act 2014 on 2 April 2014 – By Juristconsult Chambers

20th March 2014

Arbitration in Mauritius – Increasing the substance? – By Nicolas Richard & Khemila Narraidoo.

6th March 2014

The Accrued Possibility for Global Business Companies to Conduct Business in Mauritius – By Ashwin Mudhoo

4th March 2014

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (‘FATCA’): The Big Bad Wolf- Mauritius Becomes FATCA Compliant – By Juristconsult Chambers

24th February 2014

The Private Pension Schemes Act and Its Rationale – By Shalinee Dreepaul-Halkhoree.

24th January 2014

International Arbitration – By Marc Hein

24th January 2014

Mauritius Business Law Review – International Arbitration, Volume 5.

4th July 2013

Challenging the procurement proceedings before the Independent Revenue Panel – By Juristconsult Chambers

A Basic Introduction to ‘What is Intellectual Property and why protect it?’ – By Juristconsult Chambers

MBLR Vol 3 – 2011

Enforcement of foreign judgments as well as foreign and international arbitral awards in Mauritius – By Shalinee Dreepaul Halkhoree, Senior Associate – Barrister