Global Business & Taxation

Category 2 GBC

The Global Business Category 2 Companies (GBL 2) provides greater flexibility and is a suitable vehicle for holding and managing private assets. It is similar to the IBC’s available in other jurisdictions. It is not allowed to raise capital from the public or to conduct financial services activities. A GBL 2 company is not resident in Mauritius for tax purposes and is thus exempt from all taxes. It cannot avail itself of the benefits under Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements but still benefits from the fact that there is no withholding tax on outward remittances.

GBL 2 companies are often used as Special Purpose Vehicles. They are user friendly and easy to incorporate and may also be used as trading companies for import and export of goods and can act as re-invoicing vehicles.

In view of their flexible regime, GBL 2 companies are ideally suited to hold assets and act as investment companies for high net worth individuals. GBL 2 companies can be used in combination with offshore trusts to provide for flexibility and confidentiality of ultimate beneficial owners. They can also act as holding companies and as such they will not be liable to any tax in Mauritius but can still have their board meetings held overseas.

Companies from other jurisdictions may be continued in Mauritius as GBL 2 companies.