Procurement & Public-Private Partnerships

“Public Private Partnership is a fairly new concept in Mauritius and our jurisdiction has seen the adoption of its supporting legislation, the Public-Private Partnership Act, in 2004, and the Public Procurement Act in 2006.

The recent introduction of the Build Operate Transfer (BOT) Projects Act in 2016 is a major development in the relationship between the state and the private sector, and provides for a legal framework for the execution of projects under BOT agreements in Mauritius.

With the emergence of collaborations between the public and private sectors in Mauritius to deliver essential public infrastructure projects and the drive towards Public-Private Partnership-based delivery models, there is an increase in the demand for highly technical contracts. Juristconsult Chambers advises on such contracts as well as on their financial structuring.

Juristconsult Chambers has been involved in the first Public Private Partnership (PPP) Project to be undertaken by the Government of Mauritius under the 2004 Act.

We provide expert advice at all stages of procurement proceedings whether through the conventional procurement models or more sophisticated models such as Public Private Partnerships. In matters of dispute, our team of commercial litigators represents clients before the Independent Review Panel and the Supreme Court of Mauritius.”